About Checkout

Checkout involves the following steps:

         Review the contents of your cart as well as review or provide the due date and time. (Due dates and times do not apply to all products.)

Note: Some products such as CMM campaign activities and direct mail products must be checked out individually. (Direct mail products are for U.S.-based customers only.) You will be prevented from checking out if the cart contains a campaign activity or direct mail product in addition to other products (including other campaign activities or direct mail products). If you have other products in the cart, you must save them for later in order to check out the campaign activity or direct mail product.

         Provide shipping information. (This does not apply to all products, for example, digital downloads or campaign activities.)

         Provide payment details and place the order.


On some sites not all these steps are required. For example, you may just have to select a shipping and/or payment method or you may not have to provide any information; you just receive an order confirmation after you click Add to Cart.

If the order requires a price quote, you send a request for a quote instead of paying for the order. After you receive and accept the quote, you then complete checkout by providing payment details and placing the order.

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