About Digital Downloads

Some products on the site may be available just in digital form, for example, eBooks, course materials, forms, or photographs. These kinds of products are downloaded, not printed. A digital product may consist of a single item or may consist of related items, for example, some study notes and an article required for a course. A digital product may also consist of the same item in different formats (PDF, EPUB, and so on) so it can be read on different devices.

Depending on the product, you may have to download it by a certain time, or you may be restricted to some number of downloads. This is shown on the Order Confirmation page.

Tip: In addition to products that are available just as digital downloads, some products can be downloaded as well as or instead of printed. For example, in addition to printing some cards that you personalized, you may want to download the PDF. This gives you the flexibility to print additional copies or to re-purpose the material in some way. If different deliverables are available for a product, you can select the one you want after you click Buy Now.  

When you order a digital product, you go through checkout and pay for the product as usual. You can then download the product in any of the following ways:

         When the Order Confirmation page is displayed after you pay for the product, a Download button is available for each item you can download. Click this button. (You can also open the Order Confirmation page by clicking an order number in your order history.)

Note: If you chose to pay at the store, the Download button will be unavailable until the Print Shop receives the payment and approves the order. In addition, if the order is subject to approval, the Download button will be unavailable until the order is approved.

         Use the My Downloads page to check on all your downloads, and download items from there. (On the account menu, click My Downloads.)

Tip: When you are on the home page, the account menu may be automatically displayed in a small window; otherwise, look for to display the account menu.

Note: The Download button is grayed out (unavailable) if the item had to be downloaded within a certain time, and that time has passed, or if the number of downloads was restricted, and that number was met. In addition, sometimes you must wait for an order to be approved before an item can be downloaded.