Browsing and Searching for Products

The products on a site are typically grouped in categories, although some sites just list products without categorizing them.

Here are some guidelines for finding products.

Important: Not all sites are organized the same way so you may not be able to find products in all these ways. Search is always available, however.

1.        On the home page:

         Check Featured Categories.

         Check Featured Products.

         Go through the categories that interest you. Some categories may include subcategories. To find out what a category contains, click its name or click Browse.

Note: A Browse button is not displayed on mobile devices; just tap the category to see what it contains.

         The products in a category may be displayed in a grid (blocks) or a list (table). If a choice of views is available, buttons for switching the view are displayed at the top of the category. Click a button to switch views. For example, you may prefer the table-style presentation that list view offers.

         Take advantage of search (), for example, if you want to find flyers, search for fly.

2.        After you find a product, click its name to learn more about it.

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