About Products

Here are some examples of the kinds of products that might be available for ordering:

         Booklets, brochures, or specialized copy jobs for which you supply the content (typically a PDF). You also customize the products with print options (type of paper, binding, and so on).

         Posters, signs, or banners, often categorized as wide format or large format products. Some wide format products require you to supply the content while others do not. You typically customize the product with print and finishing options (substrate, grommets, lamination, and so on).

         Application forms or course materials for which the content is fixed (pre-supplied). Some fixed-content products are ordered as they are; other fixed-content products can be customized with print options (type of paper, stapling, and so on).

         Business cards, note cards, or promotional flyers that you can personalize. Products that you can personalize fall into these categories:

    SmartCanvas products can be personalized in various ways for example, by adding or editing text, images, shapes, or QR codes, or completing a form.

         Variable data products (VDPs) can be personalized by supplying data such as names and addresses and/or by adding an image. Sometimes you can create several versions of the same product, each personalized differently, for example, 500 copies of a promotional flyer, with each flyer addressed to a different prospect.

         (U.S. only) Direct mail products can be personalized and mailed to recipients on a mailing list.

         Cross Media Marketing (CMM) campaigns for increasing sales, marketing your services, introducing new products, announcing promotions, and so on.

         Digital downloads of forms, course notes, photographs, e-books, and so on.

         Products (such as conference materials, flyers, or cards) for which a digital download is available in addition to or instead of the printed version. You may want to download a product to print additional copies or to re-purpose the material in some way. If different deliverables are available, you can select the one you want after you click Buy Now.

         Logo merchandise, coffee mugs, or boxes of pencils (non-print or fulfillment products).

Each kind of product follows a slightly different order workflow. Once a product is in the shopping cart, you can either check out and place your order or continue shopping and check out later. Your final order may therefore include several products (also referred to as jobs).


Some products may be packaged together in a kit. For example, a wedding kit might include an invitation photo card, envelopes, a wedding program, and some key chains. Each product that makes up the kit is customized individually (if applicable), but the order is placed for the kit itself.

Some products require a price quote from the Print Shop before you can place an order for them. During the checkout process a request for a quote is sent to the Print Shop. When you receive the quote, you either accept it (and finish placing the order) or decline it.

Orders may also have to go through an approval process, meaning a designated approver must sign off on your order before it can be placed. Sometimes orders will require approval at more than level.

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