About Personalized Products

Some products such as business cards, note cards, invitations, or promotional flyers can be personalized, for example, with contact information for a business card or a photo for a note card. The site provides the basic product (invitation or flyer) and you personalize it.

Products that you can personalize fall into these categories:

       SmartCanvas products

SmartCanvas products can be personalized in many ways. For example, you may be able to fill out a form to provide text for the product; position or re-size text, images, shapes, and QR codes; or add your own text, images, shapes, and QR codes.

You personalize SmartCanvas products using a visual editor which shows your changes as you make them.

         Variable data products (VDPs)

VDPs are typically personalized with data such as a name and address, as well as with images. The data you can use for personalizing a product may be provided on the site. For example, an address book from which you can select contact information may be available. Sometimes you can create several versions of the same product, each personalized differently, for example, 500 copies of a promotional flyer, with each flyer addressed to a different prospect.

         Direct mail products

(U.S. only) Direct mail products are typically personalized and then mailed to recipients on a mailing list.

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