Registering on the Site

Although you can add products to the cart without being logged in, you cannot check out and place an order. If you do not have a user account you must register on the site to create an account.

1.        On the home page, click Login.

2.        In the Login window, click Register (next to New User?). The Create an Account page opens.

3.        Provide all the required Contact Information.

Tip If the address includes a third line (Address 3), you can use it for a building name or floor.

4.        Under Account Information:

         In the User Name field, enter the name you want to use when logging into the site.

         In the Password field, enter the password you want to use and then enter it again in the Re-enter password field.

         In the Security Question field, either select one of the pre-defined questions or select Other and enter your own question.

         In the Security Answer field, enter the answer to the question you selected (or entered).

Warning The answer you provide is case-sensitive. If you forget your password, and the system asks for your security answer, you must enter the answer exactly as you entered it here.

5.        Click Choose Facility to select the Print Shop from which you plan to order products and services. (Sometimes only one Print Shop is available.)

6.        Read the Terms and Conditions and then click Submit.